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We develop the thinking skills that are decisive for managerial success.

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Our workshops blend interactive learning and real-world applicability to achieve sustainable performance improvements.

Teamwork challenge

Mars Robot Lego Mod

Problem-solving in teams with robots. Playful motivation, results-oriented reflection.

Mindful thinking

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Thinking thoroughly about the way we think. Serenity breeds insight.

Creativity at work

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Boosting your managers’ creativity. With the right attitudes and techniques!


Success stories

The valuable experience other organizations have acquired with us.



We know what we teach. Read for yourself!

Denkratgeber ebook light

We think constantly. But how much time do we spent to think about how we think?

This guidebook focuses on those skills that are essential for managers in private business, administration and civil society.

Enhance your ability to think flexibly, critically, systematically, creatively and mindfully!

(currently only available in german)

Schreibratgeber Ebook light

This guidebook provides advice on the entire writing process: preparing, drafting, formulating and editing.

It covers emails, offers, newsletter articles, web texts and other business-oriented writing.

A sound writing process will help you to develop your thoughts more thoroughly and communicate them more clearly. 

(currently only available in german)



A practiced trainer tandem with complementary capabilities.

Dr. Valentin Zahrnt

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... is a PhD economist with experience in policy and business consulting. Besides university teaching and management training, he also writes novels. He loves singing, improv theater, painting – and about everything that is creative.

Dr. Frédéric Renkens

IMG_FR... has worked on robots as an engineer before turning to another highly complex object: human beings. With his PhD in sociology he is now at home in both worlds. Just as he feels at ease amidst the snow, ice and rock of the Swiss mountains.