Success Stories

EVS Sa (2016)

The main office of EVS International sits on the hills above Lake Geneva, offering a splendid view on the Swiss Alps. It all looks “obviously simple” from there, and this is indeed EVS’ mission: helping its clients to make their supply chain and service processes ever more simple and efficient. A growing number of international enterprises, such as Nestle, build on this special expertise.

Creativity is a key ingredient to EVS’ success. They relentlessly search for new ways to enhance processes that cross national, company and IT boundaries. And they deal with the inevitable troubles that arise in such highly complex operations. But solving the problem with minimal delay isn’t enough – it immediately leads to the next learning loop for continuous improvement of all processes and systems.

Our day at EVS was geared to reflect on this daily creativity, test new techniques – and to encourage team-building and idea-sharing among employees from different functional and national entities within EVS.




„I was impressed to see how team work can bring good ideas. Brainstorming the right way makes the difference.“ Déborah Schmidt, Team member Customer Relations, evs Switzerland

„The workshop with Zahrnt & Renkens has been fantastic! It is an original and dynamic way to push your creativity to a higher level while having fun.“ Belen Lopez-Fuchet, Digital Marketing, evs

„Change your point of view, develop a positive and active attitude, share and enjoy with your team. With Zahrnt & Renkens you learn useful professional tools with fun!“ Italo Acosta, Head of renovation & Issue Management, Nestlé

„Objective achieved with A+! This extremely intensive full-day creativity session boosts teams and their approach to improving business operations. A perfect fit with our maturity growth process. Thanks guys.“ Paul Gemperle, Executive director, evs


U.S.E (2016)

At the Union Sozialer Einrichtungen gGmbH (USE)/Union of Social Institutions, more than 900 persons mostly with psychic handicaps work together with 300 employees. Seven subsidiaries in Berlin and Brandenburg cover a broad range of products and services: tailoring, woodwork, metalwork, printing, catering …

The employees have to adapt production and work processes to the constantly fluctuating abilities of their handicapped co-workers. A great challenge to creativity!

On top of this, the organization has recently responded to its growth by introducing new structures. This necessitates significant adaptation – in other words, it opens opportunities for innovation. The perfect timing for a workshop on creativity.x

„Thought provoking in many regards. Lively, challenging teamwork. Techniques that enable groups to really achieve creative results.“ Josefine Degraa, Department Manager Creative Tailoring

„Strong focus and professionalism, vivid examples, trustworthy guidance. A workshop you should not miss.“ A. Brügmann, Department Manager Cooking

„Creativity taught with contagious enthusiasm. Relaxed atmosphere, great results!“ Wolfgang Schulz, General Manager

„Refreshing, fast-paced and lively input of new methods and techniques. Inclusive, engaging learning process that makes you eager to put everything into practice – and that imparts the confidence to do so successfully. A personal teaching style that puts the learner at the center – instead of PowerPoint presentations. Authentic teaching with high professionalism and expertise.“ Cornelia Fiedler, General Manager

Insglück (2015)

Since 1999 Insglück creates brand experiences. They design and implement public, corporate and consumer events, staff-motivation incentives and change events, product launches, exhibitions, trade fairs and roadshows as well as ceremonial acts, award presentations and opening ceremonies. Along with success came an unexpected problem: Where to put all the trophies their innovative design and dramaturgy had won?

We couldn’t help with that. But with another challenge: How to maintain creative momentum after so many years of creative work?

Insgluck ID S

Insglück WS S

„Great techniques to get the mental cinema on the screen! A workshop at eye level that fosters participants rather than lecturing them.“ Benjamin Sterzenbach, Team Creative Design

„Fantastic: unstiffen your brain and become playfully creative!“ Uta Krüger, Graphic Designer

„A workout program for your creativity: much fun, no muscle ache.“ Christopher Werth, Teamleader Creative Design

„Creativity is our core competence … and this was pure rejuvenation!“ Christoph Kirst, General Manager Creative Design

Contract (2014)

Contract is a systemic consultancy that develops projects, processes and organizations in a way that meets business requirements and human needs. They are thus experts at communication.

And yet, the workshop showed that written communication poses special challenges. Together, we analyzed Contract web texts and offers, honed the sensibility for the effects texts have on readers and worked on some reoccurring weaknesses. The result? For instance,

Contract 3

Contract 1

Contract 2


„I very much liked the flexible way in which Mr. Zahrnt handled this workshop and tailored it to your needs. The practical exercises to quickly and easily get into the act of writing were particularly helpful.” Tim Gläseke, Consultant

„The workshop was very lively and practical as we went through concrete exercises and worked on our own texts. The well-structured step-by-step approach provided us with a tool to successfully compose texts on our own. Thank you!“ Ivana Landmesser, Junior Consultant

„This in-house workshop was a total success – regarding the texts we have been writing since but also during that enjoyable day. This owes certainly to the convincing and individually tailored content of the workshop. Now, a year later, we might need a refresher.“ Irene Reifenhäuser, General Manager