Teamwork challenge

This workshop offers the ideal learning environment for highly focused problem-solving in teams. A 30-minute introduction is sufficient for your managers to build and program Lego® Mindstorms robots and to resolve challenges such as: How to navigate a robot on a course without bumping into a wall? And how to place a ball as fast as possible in a container?

Participants quickly move through different stages, from deep concentration to joyful excitement and on to frustration and conflict. This creates a perfect playground for observing individual and group behavior and capacities, as well as for drawing analogies to everyday work situations. As a result, participants improve their analytic and creative competencies and boost team performance.

Kopf Zahnrad Robo


   Ideal learning environment

  • playful motivation
  • intensive teamwork
  • tailor-made game challenges
  • progressive feedback and reflection
  • continuous transfer to everyday work challenges

… for enhanced effectiveness

  • define objectives, analyze challenges
  • reveal assumptions, discover innovative options
  • creatively develop solutions, manage flow and frustration
  • experiment early, adapt solutions pragmatically
  • observe, evaluate and improve individual thought processes and team interaction