Brain-up Workshops


We develop the thinking skills that are decisive for managerial success.

Are you developing a business strategy, planning a marketing project or redesigning the performance evaluation system? Are you initiating a campaign for an NGO or international organization? Then you are certainly aware that standardized templates with long checklists are only the starting point for the real work. To arrive at fitting, innovative solutions, managers have to engage in hard, independent thinking.

This includes: recognising and analysing difficulties and challenges, developing potential solutions, choosing and implementing a particular solution and finally evaluating the success. In our workshops, managers develop the skills that are decisive for successful thinking. The result: greater individual effectiveness and a more flexible, cooperative culture within the team and the organisation.





Our workshops blend interactive learning and real-world applicability to achieve sustainable performance improvements. 

Teamwork challenge

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Problem-solving in teams with robots. Playful motivation, results-oriented reflection.

Mindful thinking

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Thinking thoroughly about the way we think. Serenity breeds insight.

Creativity at work

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Boosting your managers’ creativity. With the right attitudes and techniques!



Our approach to attain optimal learning outcomes.

We contribute as

  • observers who provide an impartial, nuanced picture of competencies, processes and culture
  • experts who highlight typical mistakes and suggest the best practices
  • facilitators who energize and steer the learning experience.


In order to truly fulfill these roles, we have to understand the content of the discussions. Only then are we able to assist with targeted feedback, questions or expertise. This is a key advantage of our trainer team, which combines the understanding of an economist and an engineer.

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We are convinced that managers develop their thinking skills in our workshops best if they practice together with the colleagues they usually cooperate with. We also strive to work as much as possible worth real-world challenges from the organization. We consider participants in our workshops as partners with whom we build a trusting relationship that facilitates honest reflection and personal growth.



A flexible design tailored to you individual needs.

We recommend workshops of one to two days. You can choose the location for our in-house workshops. We appreciate working with a small management team, and we can cover an extended leadership circle of up to 20 participants.

We offer the workshops in German, French and English. While German is Valentin Zahrnt’s mother tongue, he has used French and English for many years both professionally and in private. Frédéric Renkens has grown up speaking German and French, and he has a long working experience in English.

We tailor every workshop to your individual needs. We may go beyond adapting our established workshops and design a unique solution for your training objectives.

Ideally, we combine several workshops into an integrated training program. This enables your managers to develop their skills comprehensively and to optimally blend theory with their day-to-day work.

Please contact us for an offer. We grant a reduction to non-profit NGOs.


Success stories

The valuable experience other organizations have acquired with us.